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Two-dimensional microlens arrays in silica-on- silicon

automated fiber array alignment. 3 Microlens Array Fabrication Test MLAs have been fabricated using silica-on-silicon PLC technology at PLC foundry facilities. Details on stan-Fig. 1 A sketch of a nonblocking cross-connect optical switch built on a silicon substrate with planar silica microlens arrays, beam di-

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Liquid-crystal microlens arrays using patterned polymer

microlens arrays with polymerLC composite materi-als. The polymer is first molded to show microlens array patterns by use of a lamination technique.11 Instead of coating an alignment layer on the concave surfaces of the polymer microlens arrays, we use a polymer network to stabilize the LC alignment. The

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Optics Letters 2004Hongwen Ren Yunhsing Fan Shintson Wu University of Central FloridaIndium tin oxide Phase Optical communication Polarization Liquid crystal Phase sh

Standards for microlenses and microlens arrays ISG

Microlens arrays Microlenses generally defined as lenses having diameters less than 1mm. Simple lenses smaller size means, in principle, fewer aberrations.

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Biomimetic microlens array with antireflective ''moth-eye

nanostructure on a curved 3D microlens array further limits fabri-cation options. Herein, we replicate the ommatidial surface with its micro- and nanostructure to yield a 3D microlens array with AR properties. Our soft imprint lithographic method 13 is a replica moulding scheme employing an elastomeric perfluoropolyether

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Precision glass microlens arrays produced using hot

A new technique makes the production of precision glass microlens arrays possible, using a hot embossing technique.

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Microlens Arrays Electro Optics

Aug 19, 2008Limo has launched arrays with 0.8mm and 0.5mm lenses. The microlens arrays are made of synthetic fused silica and can be used from UV to IR. These lenses were designed especially for compact and cost effective systems that use small laser beam diameters.

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